All the tutorials are based on Jupyter Notebooks. You can run all the tutorials yourself in this interactive Google Colab Notebook directly in your browser. You can also download the Colab notebook and run it locally on your machine.

These tutorials cover the different functionalities in the fermioniq package, from your first submission of a quantum circuit to more advanced use cases and settings. They are structured as Jupyter notebooks.

In section Emulating Quantum Circuits we cover the topics:

  • Sending your first quantum circuit to the emulator

  • Configuring the input and output of the emulator

  • Configuring the mode of emulation

  • Configuring the type of backend to use for the emulation (like CPU and GPU)

Section Advanced Emulation includes:

  • Emulating circuits with noise

  • Using the emulator to compute observables

  • Using the emulator to run a VQE algorithm

In section Job Management we look at how to use the Client() class to:

  • Submit jobs asynchronously to the server

  • Submit multiple jobs at once